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Commercial Ice Management


Our commercial ice management services will ensure that your sidewalks and parking lot remain clear of ice throughout the winter season. Our temperature-specific blend of chloride-based de-icing brine allows us to spray liquid ice control at much lower temperatures than rock salt alone.

After snow plowing, our team will spray our specially-blended brine solution using specially equipped spray trucks. Regardless of the temperature outside or on the ground, our deicing solution can keep ice at bay all season long.

Because we are able to deploy our solution in a much more specific manner, we are able to spray the exact amount of deicing brine required for the amount of area that we are attempting to de-ice. This reduces the amount of chlorides that seem into the ground water supply especially when compared against the distribution of traditional rock salt.

Our employees, equipment, and knowledge form a perfect addition to your snow and ice management needs across all of your commercial properties.

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About Us

One goal – to offer the best ice management services in the twin cities. To arrive on time, with the right attitude, and the best equipment for even the largest jobs. To always have new, clean, and meticulously maintained equipment. To always be courteous, neat, and professional. We want to look good for you at your place of business. It should be obvious that you hired the best.

There are many choices in de-icing services available to you. At Iceworks our primary motivation is to surpass the competition every time through exceptional customer service.

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What We Do

We have built our entire winter service operation around liquid de-icing both as a pre-treatment (anti-icing) and as a post-treatment (de-icing).

Not only does our ice managment service allow us to remove snow and ice from surfaces such as parking lots, drive lanes, sidewalks, etc., the application remains on the surface and continues to delay the reformation of ice for a certain period of time. Our process also has the added benefit of preventing adhesion of ice to the surface to make mechanical removal of snow much easier for your snow plow teams.

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Advantages over traditional rock salt

  • Our GPS automated trucks and spray equipment eliminate over and under application issues.
  • We are able to adjust our brine mixture to ensure that we apply the right product for the current surface temperature.
  • Our brine solution begins to work immediately after the application is applied. Melting ice and snow in the daylight, under cloud cover, or in complete darkness. We do not have to wait for sun to begin melting snow or breaking down ice to activate salt.
  • No messy salt or sand clean up which looks better and saves time for the business owners. Nothing to sweep up from the sidewalks and minimizes tracking in from shoes.
  • No waste due to product scatter which a study by the Department of Michigan determined that 40 percent of rock salt spread on the roads bounced off to the shoulder and did no good.
  • Reduces the harm caused from traditional salting, such as escalated wear and degraded structural integrity. Has been shown to prolong the life of wintered concrete and asphalt by nearly eliminating the freeze thaw cycle perpetuated by traditional salting.
  • Our application has a much larger effective temperature range than salt. We are melting snow and ice at temps down to -30 F. Salt alone is only effective down to 15 F.

Our technicians are constantly learning more to remain experts on what is best for your property. We treat your property like we would treat our own, using the most effective, yet environmentally friendly products available.

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How We Can Help

Are you a business or homeowners association (HOA) looking for reliable ice managment services?

A commercial contractor in need of a solid partner to handle the job right?

Developer for large residential communities?

A property management company in need of a reliable consistent ice managment service?

Iceworks Minneapolis has the resources to meet all your needs.