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anti-icing ice management on a sidewalk in Minneapolis as a pre-treatment
Anti-Icing service applied 1-2 days before a 0.75" snowfall. The snow was not allowed to accumulate nearly as much and has already melted quite a bit around the edges.
anti-icing ice management on a sidewalk in Minneapolis after snow shoveling
Shoveling was a breeze. There was a small slush layer between the snow and the sidewalk, making it super easy for the shovel to glide right over the concrete.
de-icing ice management as a post treatment on a sidewalk in Minneapolis
After a very easy shovel, the snow is gone and left with a nice ice-free surface. Our anti-icing brine ensured the ice could not form a bond with the sidewalk.
de-icing ice management as a post treatment on a sidewalk in Minneapolis after liquid salt brine application
20 minutes later, the wet surface and trace amounts of slush have all but vanished, leaving a great looking sidewalk with no need to apply any further de-icing for this event.

Anti-icing Maintenance Plan

Anti-icing is our most popular and useful service for inhibiting the build-up of ice. Our customers enjoy ice-free sidewalks and drive-lanes all winter long. With our mainteance plan, our crews will come out just before each forecasted snow event. This allows us to spray a perfect mix of anti-icing brine onto your drive-lanes and sidewalks prior to the snow.


  • No salt being dragged into your building and entryway carpets
  • Prevents ice and snow from bonding to the pavement or sidewalk
  • Melts light snowfall before accumulating
  • Significantly reduces effort required to shovel any snow that does accumulate
  • Time and effort needed to plow is minimized
  • No longer need to use salt after plowing or shoveling
  • Your sidewalks and drive-lanes remain clear of ice and snow, not only after an event, but between each snow event as well

Our Process

Our anti-icing crews are triggered into action using a much smaller snowfall forecast which typically falls between 0.25" and 0.5".
Anti-Ice Maintenance
Once we arive on site, our tanker trucks deliver a 10' to 28' swath of our temperature-specific anti-icing brine. Along with drive-lanes, we also manually spray all sidewalks with our 150' hose real attached to each truck.
Snow/Ice Event
Because these areas have been pre-treated, it is difficult for lighter snow events to even accumulate on top of the areas that we sprayed without melting first.
For heavier snowfall, the snow is not able to bind to the surface, making shoveling and plowing significantly easier.
After the Event
There is no need to apply any salt to the surface as the ice was unable to form under the snow. The small amount of residue left over works to ensure that no ice is able to form after the event.
Because our solution is applied more often, it is even harder for ice to form throughout the winter.