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minneapolis ice management trucks loaded with liquid deicing salt brine

De-icing Service

Our liquid de-icing services create an environmentally friendly way to manage ice accumulation after each snow or ice event. Our customers enjoy ice-free sidewalks and drive-lanes all winter long. Our crews will come out just after each forecasted snow event, specifically after plowing. This allows us to spray a perfect mix of liquid de-icing brine onto your drive-lanes and sidewalks.


  • No salt being dragged into your building and entryway carpets
  • Prevents ice and snow from bonding to the pavement or sidewalk
  • Your sidewalks and drive-lanes are clear of ice and snow

Our Process

Our de-icing crews are triggered into action using a much smaller snowfall forecast which typically falls between 0.25" and 0.5".
De-Ice Service
Once we arive on site, our tanker trucks deliver a 10' swath of our temperature-specific de-icing brine. Along with drive-lanes, we also manually spray all sidewalks with our 150' hose real attached to each truck.
Snow/Ice Event
Our special blended chloride brine will go to work immediately on ice. The melting process will depend on the amount of ice prior to the treatment as well as the ground temperature, but we are able to see effective results immediately as well as over the next few hours after the treatment.
After the Event
Once the ice has melted and the brine has done its work, we usually have a residual affect as the salt brine dries to the pavement. There is still a small amount of salt left over to act as a small pre-treatment for the next snow or ice event.